Mediation is a pathway that provides a structured process for facilitated negotiation.

How Do You Change A Conflict?

Conflict and disputes are a part of life. What are the keys to unlock a constructive way to approach conflict? Whether in our personal lives, our workplace or in our businesses. We can change the way we respond to conflict and the way we work to achieve outcomes.

Are you separating from your partner? Do you want to find a respectful way to make arrangements for your children and your finances? Separation and divorce mediation can provide you and your partner with the structure and process needed to finalise your arrangements.

Alternatively, it may be that separation is an option but that you and your partner are interested in exploring a roadmap to reconciliation through marriage mediation?

Are you in a commercial relationship which has deteriorated? Is there an amicable and effective way in which to resolve the outstanding matters?

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Marriage Mediation

Family mediation is designed to bring structure and clarity to families. Through the family mediation process, arrangements in relation to children and finances can be discussed and resolved.

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Family Mediation

Marriage mediation provides an opportunity to create a roadmap for reconciliation either where partners remain under the same roof, or through a controlled physical separation.

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