Family Mediation

For most people, the decision to separate and leave a relationship or marriage can be the beginning of a long and difficult process. People may experience distress, confusion and chaos as the consequences from this decision unfold.

How can family mediation help?

Family mediation is designed to bring clarity and structure to families. Through the family mediation process arrangements in relation to children and finances can be discussed and resolved through the family mediation process.

Although it can be difficult to think about what life may look like after separation, mediation brings structure to that process by asking both you and your former partner to look forward.

Family mediation is focused on facilitating both you and your former partner, and the family as a whole to move on in the most constructive manner possible. Family mediation is not counselling and it is not therapy.

If there are children then family mediation can help both of you to create a new structure for how the family will function in relation to communication, scheduling and boundaries. If there are no children, then family mediation can assist both of you to find respectful closure.

If you would like more information about how mediation may be an option then please use the contact form or download the brochure below.