Family Mediation

For most people, deciding to separate and leave a relationship or marriage can be the beginning of a long and difficult process. As the consequences from this decision unfold people often experience distress, confusion and chaos.

How can family mediation help?

Family mediation is designed to bring structure and clarity to families. Through the family mediation process, arrangements in relation to children and finances can be discussed and resolved.

Coming to mediation can enable families to put in place interim arrangements to give time and space for long term and final arrangements to be made. For some people, agreeing how to manage their physical separation, legal filings and interim financial arrangements can encourage a negotiated approach to separation rather than an all-out war.

Although it can be hard to think about what life may look like after the separation, mediation begins that process by asking both parties to look forward. Family Mediation is not counselling and it is not therapy. Family mediation is focused on facilitating both parties and the family as a whole to move on in the most constructive manner possible.

If there are children of the family, family mediation can help parties to construct a new set of rules for their separated family including in relation to communication, scheduling, boundaries and behaviour. If there are no children, then family mediation can assist parties to find respectful closure.

The Process

To see if mediation may be an option your you, see our special brochure using the link button below.

Family Mediation Brochure

Success Stories

Sala guided us quickly and efficiently through the mediation process, ensuring we addressed the tough questions in a calm and reasonable way, leading to a fair and equitable outcome for both parties. We are now able to move on feeling empowered by how well we managed the process together.


Sala, YOU truly make a difference, in one of the most challenging times in our life, you were there for us. In our case, a divorce, and I can imagine your role in other moments of communication breakdown or conflict. You were there to guide us and you walked us through the mediation process to an effective resolution. You clearly enjoy the work you do and duty of care made a difference throughout the process. 


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Two Homes One Childhood

– Robert Emery PhD

Forgive for Good

– Dr Fred Luskin